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TRADUE provides translation services for individuals and companies covering all topics and specialised areas and offers two types of translation: simple and sworn translations.

What's the difference between a simple and a sworn translation?

A simple translation is the translation of an original document that does not require  official certification from a Sworn Translator whilst a sworn translation, is provided at the client's request or when required by a competent authority, and includes the official signature and seal of a duly accredited Sworn Translator who has been appointed by and registered with the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

We currently work with the following languages: ENGLISH, CATALAN, FRENCH, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE, GERMAN , ARABIC, BULGARIAN, CZECH,CHINESE,DANISH, EUSKERA,SLOVAK, GALICIAN, GREEK, JAPANESE, DUTCH, NORWEGIAN, POLISH, RUMANIAN, RUSSIAN, SWEDISH, TURKISHbut we also study any project introducing other language combinations. 


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